An endocrinologist specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the endocrine system. The most commonly reported diseases are endocrine disorders in the pancreas, namely type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The next frequently occurring group is thyroid diseases – hypothyroidism (low function), hyperthyroidism (high function), structural abnormalities (enlargement of the thyroid gland) and tumors, which can be benign or cancerous. In addition, we deal with rare diseases such as parathyroid adenomas, adrenal diseases and pituitary gland adenomas (e.g. acromegaly and prolactinoma).

One specialised field of endocrinology is reproductive endocrinology – infertility and diagnosis and treatment of its causes. Problems with infertility are often solved together with a gynecologist. An endocrinologist also deals with long-term and problematic menstrual disorders (long-term absence of menstruation or premature termination of menstruation). In addition, we deal with menstrual disorders due to an endocrine or genetic disorder, such as Turner syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

We offer consultations and also perform the necessary general and hormone analyses and tests. The most commonly used examinations are thyroid ultrasound and MRI examination of the pituitary gland.


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