Svetlana Kinderova

Foot Care and Diabetes Nurse

Languages: Estonian and Russian

I have worked as a nurse for 30 years and I highly enjoy this work. The work I have chosen as my career is interesting, fulfilling and important for me, as I learn something new every day and get to meet interesting people.


2016–2017 Home Nursing Training

1984 Tallinn Health Care College

Work Experience

2018– Tallinn Centre of Medical Specialists
2002– East-Tallinn Central Hospital, Center of Endocrinology
1992–2002 Tallinn Magdaleena Hospital
1984–1992 Tallinn Meremetsa Hospital

Additional Training

I constantly participate in specialist training, because interesting trainings, self-improvement and how to implement this new knowledge in my everyday work motivates me. The bonus are happy and satisfied patients.