A dermatovenerologist specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of medical conditions affecting skin, hair, scalp, lips, mouth, nails and deals with sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, we perform diagnostics of various skin lesions and dermatoscopy, which allows for the diagnosis of birthmarks and pigmentations of the skin. Dermatoscopy allows early detection of changes, including melanoma.

Our services:

  • dermatoscopy
  • diagnosis of various skin lesions (examination with a dermatoscope, biopsy if needed)
  • cryotherapy – freezing of benign skin lesions (warts, plantar warts, keratosis, papillomas etc) with liquid nitrogen
  • diagnosis of skin diseases
  • diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases

Both children and adults are welcomed to come to our appointments.

Our doctors and specialists

Dr Külli Paasik